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Cool mist and allotment progress

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Before you know it, the days are drawing out. I'm out and about earlier each day with Mabel and I can see and feel Spring fast approaching. Today has been very misty. It's cool and peculiar and makes me feel reflective and I'm remembering playing out with brother when we were kids on the 'hills' (large mounds of earth where a school, which was to be my next, was being built). When it was misty, we'd hide and play mystery island .. ah the best time you will ever have in your life is being a child. That time, that's way over in the distance, way over that mountain, unreachable, but only just tangible by remembering little flashes of those precious memories. It's what I was thinking out on my Mabel walk this morning. I'm weird I know.
Back home, I check to see if the snowdrops have opened any further and feed the birds. I sit and watch whilst I drink my fresh coffee. (Got to be done ;-)). The air and light feels different and life in the garden is definitely waking up. Oh how I love Spring.
This year, I'm trying biodynamic gardening again. Well at least as far as I can go as a vegan. However, it's gone horribly wrong already, as I was a bit keen and sowed on a day with a super new moon. I should have waited until the next day.  
My new allotment is making good progress with lots of digging. I'm trying the no-dig principles althought there's lots of upfront digging and it's bloomin' hard work. As soon as the top bit is dug over, I'll put up my new bargain poly tunnel and sow and grow in my bare feet to my hearts content! Honestly, him indoors is never going see to me this summer!