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Full moon and evocative weather

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It's full moon in Gemini today, and indeed it was a fabulous sight early this morning. It emitted incredible light and energy and it felt it had meaning. As the last full moon of 2022, there is sense of needing to let go - of what hasn't worked, what hasn't progressed and what I simply don't want anymore.


It feels Christmasy today - because it's so frosty I suppose. The mornings are so dark now, and the focus has shifted to helping the wildlife survive in the garden rather than nurturing the last of my flowers. I'm hoping I've saved my acidanthera bulbs and dahlia tubers just as the pretty icicles hit the ground. But, I'm always a bit late with these things, and a really bad bout of flu didn't help!
We had thick mist last week which I love. I always feel hidden, and it seems mysterious, like old places. I met with a friend to walk our dogs and we couldn't see them! My feet were cold despite wearing thermal wellies. The mist cooled my forehead which still felt hot with fever. 
The weather is very evocative. I'm reminded of the many walks I used to frequent with Amber and Gracie, of old Chavenage, of Star Farm and Beverston. Of seeing countless deer, foxes and pheasants. Of slight movement through the fog and seeing inquisitive sheep and their little black noses.  I feel sad at the passing of time, but keen to crack on with tomorrow! And on that note, with my to-do list done, I'm off to bed before Mabel claims her place!