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Slowing down and absorbing the colour

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My garden has changed recently. Gone are the cool pale shades and frothy blossom and in their place, big bold blousey and colourful faces! This year I have managed to grow Dahlias without them all being decimated by the slimey little critters! Particularly beautiful are my Cafe au Laits and were one of the plants that I took particular care of during this smoothering heat wave. Sadly, some plants have unfortunately succmbered to the dry weather of late and look withered, desiccated and brittle.


The air is heavy and bitty and the only time to walk outside with Mabel is very early in the morning. But that's ok, as I love the mornings. It's when I see the sun rising (yep, Autumn is round the next corner), catch the haze and the outline of the distance landscape. Oh and that smell, young, fresh, perfect smell of nature in complete harmony with the early bird song. I want to paint this feeling.