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A spring in my step and the season for growing

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Spring is here! It is warm, green with flashes of bright yellow faces. The snowdrops are passing and the daffodils are popping everywhere! As a child, I loved hawthorn and forget-me-nots (still do), but didn't really appreciate daffodils. I love them now. Indications of longer days and warm, sweet evenings with a g and t!
cowslip flower
The garden looks very tired at the moment, and we did suffer with water logging due to the amount of rainfall we've had recently. I plan to redesign and incorporate a little pond as I'm keen to do as much as I can for our wildlife. 
I've been thinking about what Spring means to me; new beginnings, lightness, salads, drinking fresh coffee on the patio, invigoration, restarting my exercise regime (again)! I tend to do my planning and make my resolutions in March, rather than January; a month I find less tolerable as I get older!
New stuff
Spring is about getting back onto my allotment, creating new fabric designs and drawing and painting new artwork. I've recently been working on pen drawings of some of my favourite flowers, such as fleabane, lavender and silene. By using only sepia and sanguine colours, and the most beautiful handmade paper, my drawings take on a vintage look. What do you think? 
I will be adding these little works of art to the website shortly and will be available as very limited originals. This is not only because of the time spent creating, but also because the paper is made in such small batches.
Cher xx