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Mid Summer and cramming it all it!

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Well, I can’t quite believe that it is mid-Summer! Life of late has been focused on commissions and wholesale orders, and this has taken me away from my writings and social media. But I have also been focusing some time on my garden; my little sanctuary where I’ve been cramming in beautiful flowers for a wild garden effect. I think I’m getting there, although I still have my pond to construct!


Whilst I love love love what I do, it doesn’t leave much (any) time for my allotment, which has suffered from a lack of cultivation of late. And I’ve now got a second plot!!! I do have produce growing, but unfortunately we get deer … a lot. But, hey, that’s nature and I will try and put up some chicken wire over Winter to help protect my plots. (That list of things to do is getting ever longer)!

That list will have to wait though and I do feel a bit overwhelmed, but I will try and recharge my batteries and balance my chakras as we have family and friends over for a few days. However, the (lovely) problem with having people over is you’ve got to do stuff, take them places and do lots (more) cooking!

But this has enabled me to finally get to Woodchester Mansion and park, a beautiful unfinished gothic revival house set in a peaceful, lush and secluded valley. This has been my ‘time out’; a stroll by the lake, my face in the sun and a few trees hugged. My friend, who is a Reiki master, also loved it and smiled the whole walk around. We also kept finding feathers all along our walk and I took these as signs of angelic balancing and loved ones watching over.



Much time has been spent in and around the Cotswolds but today’s treat will be afternoon tea at Burleigh Court Hotel; a hidden stunning gem of a hotel; yet overlooking rolling hills! I am hopeful for sunshine so that we can all sit outside and feel the elements as we eat out vegan goodies!