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Inspiration and fairy frost

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How beautiful is the landscape at the moment. I am totally immersed in the frosty, bright etherealness of our local landscape. And the moon! Of late, she has been luminous and mystical. 


Last week, I was at a funeral. It was beautiful, if I can say that. We were perched on a hill, overlooking the five valleys. I watched the horses in the next field saunter, their coats glistening in the morning sunshine. I felt grateful to be able to listen to beautiful poetry and singing, and I felt reflective, but energised.

Seeing friends, old and new was invigorating. I'm not a 'people person' as such but it was a joy to chat, remember and make those plans that we always do at such events.

Despite my love of Winter, I am dreaming of Spring! I am currently working on new designs and testing products to see how they look. Of course, they are inspired by the textures and colours of the botanical and hedgerows, but I'm also trying to name them ... harder than you think!! My squiggle will be called Aubray, 'cos I like the name :-) and my wobbly stripe will be Haslec, because thankfully nothing came up in Google search!!! 

Naming fabrics is quite challenging. Here's a sneaky peak at Aubray in pale green.