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Dark mornings and daaaark evenings!

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January is an odd month for me. I try to love it, despite the grey wet weather, sloppy landscape and the daaaaark evenings (that seem so much longer than December). But lately, it's been really quite lovely, despite the brittle cold. (I'm weirdly reminded of me playing with my brother as a child in our little black wellies). We've had snow, ice and a generous layer of sparkle. So much so, my poor Mabel split her paw pads. She really didn't take too kindly to shorter walks and a ban from seeing her boyfriend!


And the dark mornings! I'm longing for earlier solitary walks. I check each day to see what time the sun rises and how much earlier I can get out without a head torch! 


January is a time for recharging, reflecting and planning ... isn't it?? Well, I've ordered my veg seeds, but did take alittle longer deciding on which potatoes and tomatoes to grow this year! So a good start ;-) I've ordered Tomato Indigo, which is apparently stuffed full of antioxidants and mouth wateringly deliciousness and Sarpo Anoxa, Maris Bard and Vitabella - non of which I have grown before, so totally excited about that!! Ground is still too cold and sticky to sow or plant anything, but this weekend will be focused on prepping the ground, putting up the chicken wire fencing to stop those cheeking thieving deer and tidying the greenhouse.
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