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Torrential rain and obscure tree lines

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My morning dog walks of late, have become a bit 'busy'. Because of the dark mornings, I'm out and about a bit later and this makes for less solitary walks. Today, however, was a bit different. It was the rain you see. We got caught and it just poured. My girlie Mabel was not impressed!  She really wasn't! We took slight shelter under trees and I watched the powerful sky through the battered leaves as it swirled. It was a quiet walk and I loved it!




I love Autumn though, despite the murky weather. It's the colours and the change of smell in the air. It becomes exquisitely earthy like the fallen leaves under big trees. It's a very inspiring and intriguing time of the year. I start thinking about next year's growing season, whilst trying to hold on to the last of my cosmos, salvia and dahlia in the garden. I think about new designs, of next year's art exhibitions and of becoming a weaver of cosy giant scarves!



I don't much like the shorter days. There's so much to cram in! The day job, artwork, new designs, admin, writing this post, the neglected social media. Then there's my precious Mabel and the garden and the allotments.  But I do love the cosy evenings by the fire and finding those calm moments as I watch the flames. I am reminded that I am very grateful - that I can moan and sigh at the weather, put the hoovering off for another day, pick the last of the brambles and swish the fallen leaves - which are joyously knee deep in places. :-)