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  1. Spring is here! It is warm, green with flashes of bright yellow faces. The snowdrops are passing and the daffodils are popping everywhere! As a child, I loved hawthorn and forget-me-nots (still do), but didn't really appreciate daffodils. I love them now. Indications of longer days and warm, sweet evenings with a g and t!
    cowslip flower
    The garden looks very tired at the moment, and we did suffer with water logging due to the amount of rainfall we've had recently. I plan to redesign and incorporate a little pond as I'm keen to do as much as I can for our wildlife. 
    I've been thinking about what Spring means to me; new beginnings, lightness, salads, drinking fresh coffee on the patio, invigoration, restarting my exercise regime (again)! I tend to do my planning and make my resolutions in March, rather than January; a month I find less tolerable as I get older!
    New stuff
    Spring is about getting back onto my allotment, creating new fabric designs and drawing and painting new artwork. I've recently been working on pen drawings of some of my favourite flowers, such as fleabane, lavender and silene. By using only sepia and sanguine colours, and the most beautiful handmade paper, my drawings take on a vintage look. What do you think? 
    I will be adding these little works of art to the website shortly and will be available as very limited originals. This is not only because of the time spent creating, but also because the paper is made in such small batches.
    Cher xx
  2. How beautiful is the landscape at the moment. I am totally immersed in the frosty, bright etherealness of our local landscape. And the moon! Of late, she has been luminous and mystical. 


    Last week, I was at a funeral. It was beautiful, if I can say that. We were perched on a hill, overlooking the five valleys. I watched the horses in the next field saunter, their coats glistening in the morning sunshine. I felt grateful to be able to listen to beautiful poetry and singing, and I felt reflective, but energised.

    Seeing friends, old and new was invigorating. I'm not a 'people person' as such but it was a joy to chat, remember and make those plans that we always do at such events.

    Despite my love of Winter, I am dreaming of Spring! I am currently working on new designs and testing products to see how they look. Of course, they are inspired by the textures and colours of the botanical and hedgerows, but I'm also trying to name them ... harder than you think!! My squiggle will be called Aubray, 'cos I like the name :-) and my wobbly stripe will be Haslec, because thankfully nothing came up in Google search!!! 

    Naming fabrics is quite challenging. Here's a sneaky peak at Aubray in pale green.


  3. ... and warm mince pies (I eat them as long as possible)!
    So here we are, late December. As I start writing this post (with a mince pie)! this morning is beautiful, cold, sparkly and with the most beautiful purple and orange sky. We've now had Winter Solstice and I start watching to see the lighter mornings! (Am I the only one that does this)?? 
    I burn lots of candles this time of the year; they soothe and calm me. I love the cosy, warm glow they bring to dark corners of the house. I do hope that you've been able to have your own cosy, blissful time this Christmas.
    candle scene
    We've also had alot of fog and rain here in the Cotswolds. Makes for messy dog walks (especially with two big GSDs)! but I do find it inspiring and find it influences some of the scenes and characters I create for my art. 
    mist and pups Dec 2021-crop
    As a volunteer for the German Shepherd Rescue Elite, I am trying to fit more time in to help at the kennels where our (any) poor darling woofers end up. (There are worse places, I know). This year I had the lovely task of helping the dogs open their pressies. There are lots of lovely kind people out there who donated so many toys, treats and food. This was followed by a walk around Cirencester with one of our rescues, Bear (he really is as you can see from the image)!! 
    Bear-rescue dog
    I am also looking towards the Spring and the shows that I have lined up! Especially Craft Festival in March. A beautiful show full of inspiring talent. Although I am still thinking about what to make and take, my makes will be all linen, wool felt with maybe a bit of velvet.
    But for now, I am working on getting my sale ready and on line. I am planning on a slightly new look for the website with an adapted logo which I hope you will all love :-)
    Wishing you much love and wishes this New Year x