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  1. Oh my, alittle late this month for my Nutmeg news update, but it has been a few weeks of frantic designing, making and photographing new designs for Spring and Summer.  So, unfortunately my writing has fallen by the wayside. There really are not enough hours in the day!

    Following on the success of my Forget-Me-Not design, I have been working on refining a new floral motif; inspired directly from the rural pastures of the English countryside and my own back garden!  Lovely ‘Cowslip’ will be available in the next few weeks.

    cowslip draft design_500px

    I’ve also been preparing a new catalogue for my stockists. I can’t tell you how loooong it has taken me! Totally unprepared for all the detail that I’ve had to think about. I’ve been putting it off, mostly because I’ve been so busy. Thankfully I’m nearly there with it and it has actually been an interesting and enjoyable task.

    So, March is nearly here, and marks the start of Spring. Meteorologically, it is the 1st March and astronomically, 20th or 21st March – in case you were interested! And Mother’s Day this year is on 31st March. For lovely floral inspiration, see our 'inspiration page' on the website to help give you ideas for a lovely gift for your special mum. Hope you like! And you can use the code SPRING19 for 15% off throughout March.

    Until next time, enjoy the daffodils and the sunshine xx

  2. Here's to a healthy, happy, fabulous year! Can't believe Christmas is over with so quickly. I always wonder at the build up, for just, let's face it, a few hours!

    I always like to put the Christmas decorations up quite early in December - with a glass of wine, Christmas music blaring and 'him-indoors' out with his buddies. I love Christmas and I always think of happy times gone by when my mum used to cook the dinner after eating a belly full of chocolate whilst opening the presents that 'Father Christmas' brought us. Then we'd pop over to my nan's for a lovely tea and home made Christmas cake, and then if time, we'd walk over to my grandparents and have more food! I was such a skinning child as well!!!

    I particularly think of my nan at Christmas, as it was she who taught me to crochet as a child. I still crochet after all these years and often pay homage to my nan in my textiles in the form of crocheted trim or a lovely Winter warm cushion.

    But crochet has not been the craft of choice recently, it's mostly been purses and pouches, so with more stock to make and decisions on which shows to do in the coming year, I will love and leave you until the next post

    Happy creative New Year xxx

    xmas lav bag-Nutmegnadsage